Kohtuusasiantuntija Ruotsista! Pella Thielin luento 18.11. Helsingissä

Kirjoittanut 21.10.2019

Kohtuusaktivisti Pella Thiel saapuu Suomeen 18.11.2019 pitämään vierailijaluentoa aiheesta ”Just transition to sustainability – insights from the Global South and North”. Alla lisää Thielistä ja luennosta – suosittelemme lämpimästi tutustumaan myös Thielin blogiin http://pellathiel.se/about-me/

Luento pidetään englanniksi.


Just transition to sustainability – insights from the Global South and North

Place: University of Helsinki, Viikki Campus, Info Center, Room 235 (Auditorium 2)
Time: Monday 18 November 2019 at 4-7 pm

Speaker: Pella Thiel works with relational, systemic activism, change processes and leadership för a society in harmony with nature. She is a co-founder and board member of the Swedish Transition Network, End Ecocide Sweden, Save the Rainforest Sweden and the swedish Network for Rights of Nature. She coordinated the first two Rights of Nature Conferences in Sweden. She has edited two books on nature interpretation and is currently working on a book on rights of nature. Pella has an MSc in Ecology from Stockholm University with the thesis on rainforest restoration in Ecuador. She enjoys pigs, her greenhouse (which has been under construction for four years) and having her hands in the soil at the smallholding in the archipelago of Stockholm where she lives. She is part of the eco-psychology/activist NGO Lodyn, UN Harmony with Nature initiative and the Common cause international network. The WWF has named her environmental hero of the year 2019.

Background: Calls for significant societal transformations are growing because of the alarming trends of climate chaos, species extinction and pollution. Active networks of scholars, activists and practitioners are building alternatives on both on the ground and on intellectual speheres. The event will update on some of the interesting processes, such as the omställningrörelse in Sweden and systemic alternatives from the global South. Pella Thiel from Sweden will deliver the keynote.

Co-organisers: Department of Economics and Management at the University of Helsinki in collaboration with Siemenpuu Foundation’s working group on ecological democracy, Finnish Degrowth Network and Sustainable Change Research Network.

Welcome, free entrance!

More information:

Marko Ulvila, Siemenpuu Foundation marko.ulvila at kapsi.fi